5 Actionable Tips For Beginner Bloggers To Become Successful

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 Are you a beginner blogger looking for how to become a successful one?. Welcome you have finally
Land on the right page. 

Blogging for beginners may require some few things like patient, hard work, commitment to mention few. but with the tips i will share with you in this blog post today blogging can more of  fun and profitable at the same time

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# 1 Be a fearless blogger, just do it 
Fear is a common thing in all human being especially when we wants to do something really serious example  like facing  big audience fear may come as a beginner. but when it comes to blogging the foremost fear 50 percent every beginner face is fear of writing? and if not that some people face other fears like taking constant action, commitment and many more.

No matter how your own areas of fear might be either small or big it is you can overcome it. There are many ways to overcome the fears of blogging you can read this blog post on ''How to overcome the fears of blogging"   from probloggger 

#2 Don't be too you unique try to model the success of others and steal ideas 
Being unique is a good thing it will make your work look great and even make your readers like to subscribe and come back for more "but did you know what"? if you re the type that always wants to be too unique you may find it a bit difficult to move faster, i mean for your blog to grow quick "why"? Nobody is born with a bloggers brain we all learn how to do it from others pro.

So the best thing to do is...........

Follow other bloggers: Join forums, join bloggers communities, have a mentor doing all this has helped a lot of people to become a successful blogger even me i was able to learn new things and also know what’s going on in the bloggers sphere.
Steal ideas from others: It a This habit has become a very common thing amongst bloggers even some popular bloggers like ash agawal, neil patel, brain dean, and john morrow

Watch the  way your competitors do and try to do better: you can have the list of your target

#3 learn and practice SEO
What is SEO? (search engine optimization ) is the process of optimizing a blog and it content for better position on search engines to receive targeted traffic on the landed pages. its the best way to get free traffic to a webpage and not just an ordinary traffic, it always be a quality traffic that helps convert customer into buyers if you implement it the right way.
How do i start learning SEO, And how do implement it? its very simple to learn and implement its, just follow this basics steps below to get started.
  • learn how google  search engines work.
  • Learn how to submit your blog/site to google search console 
  • learn how to add meta description, canonical tags, alt tags, anchor text.
  • Learn how to do keyword research and how to implement it.
  • Learn how to increase your site speed 
  • Learn how to write seo optimize content 
  • Learn how to build backlinks.......

#4 Be a bad writer to be a great writer
Good writing skills as become essential thing for bloggers, but if you re a beginner you dont have to wait for long time practicing how to write a compelling long form of blog post. Start writing with the little knowledge of writing you have, as a beginner dont make it too long start with 300 to 500 words and after some time of your consistent you be able to master the art of writing and also discover you have become a gold digger.
How exactly can i start ?

# 5 work and practice consistently
Make research, write new content, brainstorm and make list of new ideas every day. consistent is the is #1 key to become a successful blogger. if you can keep doing this things day by day or 2 to three times perweek, you will find blogging more easier and in no time you will discover you are becoming a problogger so Keep up the good work day by day and week by week.

How can i be consistent? whether you are the busy type or a stay at  home mom, it very simple to be consistent. with the help of this tips below you can do it.
  • Brain storm and make list of every idea
  • Make a publishing schedule
  • Create a content calendar 
  • Set times to work on your blog 
  • Get ride of those distraction
  • Brake down your task in to small actionable step
  • Reward yourself for accomplishing something 
Thats it, if you want more in dept explanation on this points you can check out this blog post by written Rachel Bale  the founder of Department of Wandering "8 Easy Ways to Blog More Consistently and Grow Your Audience"

# 6 Find some means of finance if you re a student or a stay at home mom
if you re a broke guy, a  student or a stay at home mom, To be prices it takes some time for a blog to start generating income so for you to keep moving it is crucial that you invest some little money, in case your internet subscription expires, you wants to buy a domain or wants to pay for your web hosting plans.

So the best solution is to find some freelance writing jobs, it will be more easy for you to do since you re a blogger writing is already your hobby, though some freelance writing gigs start from 5$ to 14$ dollars upward.

Doing this will really help you to keep moving without facing any financial stuck.