How To Make Money On YouTube 3 Quick ways To Go

tilt shift lens photography of black Sony DSLR cameraHey Guys you ve might have heard that many people are making reasonable income by just having a single youtube channel right?

So you too wants to crack the heap stones and and pick up this new habit of making money with your youtube videos, congratulation to you because thats excalty what i will show in this post TODAY.
lets quickly jump in...

How much can i make from my youtube videos 

i know this maybe the first question that will come to your mind since your are ready to start making money on youtube. 

But the anwser is You can earn as much you wants, According to how many views each an every of your videos get, how quality your videos looks also detarmine how you are probably going to earn higher, and according to some youtube alogrithms, videos that has longer time duration of watch tends to get more views than short ones.

How to make money on youtube

There are many  there diferent ways to make money on youtube it depends on the type you re wanna start with, stick with or conbined some of them together and use them at onces. but i will only be talking about three most common way you can start with  making money.

1. Youtube ads 

youtube ads
If you re a new youtuber or you ve been on the plartform for some times, the best way to get started is youtube ads known as google adsense.

why google adsense? This program is officially offer by youtube it self for its publishers which means they will pay when an ads is shown in your videos when someone watches it.

How much does youtube payper ads views? to be precise i cant really define how much you can make per one view but according to my  experience and research, you re going to make $13 dollars per 1000 views.

How much does youtube pays

So If you wants to start using adsense to make money on youtube, then you need to log in to your youtube account, goto setting and allow your youtube channel for monetization.
You can also check out this post: A complete guide on how to connect adsenes to your youtube channel.

2. Affiliate marketing 

affiliate marketing on uoutube
Affiliate marketing as been one of the most lucrative ways to make money online by helping machant to promote there product online, and receiving commission on every product you drive sales to. 

As a youtuber you can a easily make money by sharing affiliate link in your video description.

How? Go sign up for amazon affiliate program, do product review video on a product you know very well. showing people how to use the product and direct your viewers to your affiliate link of the product in your video description.

check out the image below for example

amazon affiliate on youtube

You make money when someone click on your link and buy, means you earn commission on every sales.

But note there is affiliate program for almost everything so it doesn't matter whats niche you operate. you can still use diferent affiliate network to make money.

For example: This guy talks about drone and some other techy things on is channel and he used and an affiliate network called DJI affiliate program to make money.

DJI affiliate

Thats cool right? Now lets move to the next one 

Collect and review product


This system has been practical used among the females influencer on youtube, As  a youtuber you will get in touch with companies like octoly who wants to ship some of there product to your door step, for video review, and give you the product for free after doing a video with it.

How do i start? simply visit octoly website sign up, order for a product, make a video of your self using the product and recommeding it to your audience.
Then you own the product ........

You can also watch the video below to see how octoly works