Simple Ways To Make Money Using Amazon Affiliate Without A Website

 amazon affiliate without a website

Knowingly Amazon affiliate is the best and largest affiliate network online, 80 percent of marketer preferred it compare to its competitors like ebay, sharesale, Alibaba and many others.

But It is a crucial thing to have a website or blog if you wants to become an amazon affiliate marketer, but many people don’t have time to build a blog or website and still wish to make money from amazon affiliate.

Yeah it is possible…..

Today in this blogpost I will show how to make money with amazon affiliate site without a website or blog.
Let’s go…

1.Promote affiliate links on social network

Buy sharing your affiliate link on social media there is big possibility that people will click on your link and buy. If you active followers.

You can easily make use of your Facebook pages, groups and timeline, to do this follow the step below.

Before you share your link make sure you write something interesting about the product you wants to share so to attract and entice people to click and buy, for example I wants to share the link of one plus 5 phone, before I do that I will write like this 
Are you looking for a new phone?
Well, then this is the best you can get...
Looking for a phone to play highest definition games?
want a never hanging phone?wants the best RAM/? Best internal memory?.......’’

      Amazon affiliate without a website- screenshot

You can make yours looks more compelling than this, you can also use other site like facebook twitter Instagram and many more…

Bonus tips try to boost your link by paying for ads campaign, on facebook.

2.Share your affiliate link on forums to attract sales

Online forums are one of the best place for people hang out and discuss about many different types of topic online, you can easily attract buys by sharing your links with images and description about the product.


You can easily go to popular forums like qoura join any of the discussion thread and share your link.

Wrap up
With all the strategies above am sure by now you too can start making more profit with your amazon affiliate account without having a website or blog no hassle no fuss.

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