12 Best Blogging Tools To Help You Become A Productive Blogger Today

Blogging tools

 Are you one of those smart and passionate blogger looking for the best tools to help you grow your business, make your work easier, faster and also makes you become more productive.

if yes, then this post is definitely for you.

I know it might be bite pain and annoying when you discovered it's taking you much time to complete some task in which you think it's very important like writing quality blogpost, taking quick note  of ideas without papers, sharing more than 50 blog posts on all social media at once, checking your blog analytics etc........

Don't worry with this superpack list of 12 blogging tools I will be sharing with you in this blog post today all your dreams of becoming a smart blogger will surely come true.

List Of Blogging Tools For productivity
4.Headline analyzer 

1.Google Docs 

There is no doubting that google docs still stand out to be the perfect tool for writing,  many bloggers do write there blog post directly from their blogging platform editor but are you aware that google docs can help you do more with your writing.
yeah with google docs you can write your blog post and you can post your blog entries directly from it.

The most interesting things about google docs is that it helps you collaborate with other and it comes with a with very a powerful grammar checking tools, being a very useful tool of google you can also use your voice to write instead of typing.


If you wants the smartest writing tool for online and offline uses Evernote comes with many amazing features every blogger wants to use.

Yes, you heard me correctly, Evernote can be used as a blog editor either you are using it online or offline, it one of my favourite blog post editors it allows me to write conveniently at any time anywhere even when you are not at home.

With the app on your phone maybe some ideas just jump into your head you don't need to reach home to get your computer you can easily write from your phone and the most amazing part is every data saved on your computer also apears on your mobile with one account.


Ifttt means "if this then that" This is one of the best and common tools used by marketers to automate a task like a robot.

If you are one of those that run a news blog  or you want to share every of your blog post on all social your media at once without visiting the social media site. this tool will help you to do work automatically, all you need is to setup and seat back.

This the best when it comes to churning out the best title for your blog post, with this tool you don't need to be doubting whether headline is a killer or not all you need to do copy and paste your title in the space wait box for the result and see what your headling is up to maybe it good to go or you need to make some amendment.


Easy and reliable tools for non-native English speaker, Grammarly helps in many ways like proofreading you don't need to stress yourself crosschecking, suggests words you don't need to be an English guru to become a good writer, its a great companion for every blogger.


Its a great site where you can get unlimited free quality images without any copyright issue and you don't have to give back credit links to every image you get on this site for your blog post.
You can also use images for your social media post too.......


Subscribe to your favorite blog feeds and read an unlimited blog post related to your niche, or search for your interested topic to discover a new blog to subscribe to. in fact, this tool will make you become a productive blogger.
Apps like pocket is also an alternative if you are looking for one

8.Google analytics 

The best tool for viewing advance details about blog traffic and also show live traffic stats of your blog it is one of the most reliable and trusted tools used by digital marketers and bloggers around the web. with all the powerful feature googles analytics has it totally free to use.......