How To Submit Your Blog On Opera Mini News Feeds Step By Step

Opera mini news app as now become one of the most popular news app  around the web.

Many bloggers that believes that there blog is consistently load with content are struggling to get there head into honey pot of opera news because of its high benefit. but something keeps pushing them back.


Many of them get confused when trying to look for how to submit there blog to opera news and think its a very hard task do even some them are giving  freelancers to do the job for them.

hunh... Worried no more today is the end of all those paparazzi... 

In this blog post i will teach you how to make your blog appear on opera news, and the big fish benefit of it.

Lets go...

Benefit of submitting your blog on opera news feed 

Adding your blog on opera news,

1. Is a great way of increasing your blog your blog traffic 
2. Continuous daily readers 
3.Popularity of once site is ensure 

A great source of in come for blog owners how?. by submitting and displaying your blog on opera news feed, you will be paid 50% percent of the revenue made from displaying ads on the content syndicate from your blog. you will be able to withdraw your earnings once 100$ dollars is reached.

How to submit your blog on opera news feed

Step 1 The firs thing you need to do is compose a short message and send a mail to this email address>>>

Step 2 After 2 to 3 day one of there agent will reply your mail, with the request to write and appropriate request which will contain your web site URL for him/her to forward it their news team.

Step 3 Make sure you reply according to what they request for. don't try to write unnecessarily words, go straight to the point and make it brief.

Step 4 After composing your message send your mail back and wait. it may take 1 to 2 weeks for them to review your blog. and once your blog is approved, follow the next procedure been giving to you to finally have your site on the opera news feed.

NOTESome times it may more 2 weeks but at least a month  for them to review your request and approve your blog but be rest assured that you will be approve.