Ultimate Guide: Learn How To Make 200 Dollars Daily with With Topbuzz

If you are looking for smart and easy way to make money online? topbuzz could now be the new gateway for you to earn passive income online without any professional skills or brainstorming process. 

imagine with this plartform you could earn 100 dollars plus daily  by sharing videos, pictures and article content.

In this article i will reveal to you how you can make money on topbuzz and the exact strategies to build good income in months' Sounds pretty cool right?
 So lets go..

Table of content 
  •  What is topbuzz
  • Getting started with topbuzz 
  • How to source and upload your content 
  • Marketing strategies to boost your earning 
  • How to check and withdraw your earnings 

What is topbuzz 
Is an online social plartform, they offer free viral content like videos, images and text and also serves as source of income for user upload content of the plartform.
How exactly did topbuzz work? its a two in one plartform as have said ealier you can be a user that get content and also have the chance to be a publisher at the same time just like youtube. but topbuzz dont just make you a publisher like that they will also pay you when the content you upload has click or views.
Getting started with topbuzz
 The first you do when getting started is to setup a user account   
Step: 1 On your android or iphone, open your app store or google play store, search for topbuzz click on download and install. You can also use topbuzz on your PC by visiting there web www.topbuzz.com.

Step: 2 Sign up with your email or Facebook account and setup your account.

Step: 3 Setup your payment setting, note they do wire transfer or payPal but I will advise you to chose PayPal.

Step: 4 Connect your youtube channel how? Go straight under the setting blabla

How to source and upload your contents 
looking for unique content sometimes can be stressful as searchings for a new job, so i suggest using instagram as a source of generating new content, especially videos and images. here is how.
step 1 if you have instagram app on your phone goto Google playstore or Appstore download and install insta saver app 
step 2 launch your instagram app and start checking for funny video or picture uploaded by your followers
step 3 Once you see the video or picture you wish to download, now click on the option buttom at the top and click on copy link 
step 4 after copying the link lauch your insta saver app, you will see that the video you copy the link recently will automatical show up now click on download
step 5 after the download is complete 

Complete now you can start uploading your content like hilarious and entertaining videos, funny picture, celebrity gossip, news and many more interesting article. Anytime people views and click on your content you earn.  But if you re now thinking of how to get thousand of impression and clicks to boost your earning, here are some basic marketing strategies you can use.

Simple marketing strategies to make  money fast
After setting up your account and uploading your content, now your expectation is to start making money Asap, but if you are familiar with this app it doesn't work that way, it also like someone that owns a blog, "every bloggers need to do seo or promote there content before receiving traffic that will convert into revenue for them", so you need to take some step by following other user and  promoting your content on facebook pages or use paid advertisement to receive more impressions and clicks to make money quick.  
1>.Use facebook page to promote your content to get more visitors: make sure the facebook page you wants to use has at least 50,000 followers, now start sharing every of your post to the facebook page to receive more impression and clicks.


2>.Use paid advertisment to get more visitors: sign up for a google adwords account and start promoting your content asap, you can also read this article if you wants to know how to setup ads campaign in google adwords.

3>.Follow other users to get more views and click: Topbuzz have the features that allow user to follow each other like twitter and Instagram, when you follow someone on Topbuzz the more your content have chance to get views and you can also share your content.

Check your earnings and withdraw
congratulation! now with all the strategies above, sure you would be able to make at least $200 dollars, now it time to check your earning and see if it has reach the minimum of withdraw.

Note: Every user can only withdraw there money through paypal or wire transfer once it reaches the minimum threshold of $300 dollars.

Now launch topbuzz app on your android or iphone or goto to www.topbuzz.com on your pc 
click on publisher

With all the strategies above i am sure you have now understand how topbuzz works and how you can generate income with it so next to do now is to take action and start TODAY.
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